Many organisations are hosting virtual screenings, webinars and watch parties of the film. This can be done in lots of different ways. For an event of this kind, please talk to us about screening licences and inviting panelists.

Past screenings

Date Venue
Mar 25 7:00pm CPH Dox Copenhagen
Jul 8 7:00pm Worldwide Online
Jul 13 5:00pm Worldwide Film talk: Ayouni, with Director Yasmin Fedda & Producer Elhum Shakerifar hosted by Saeed Taji Farouky
Jul 15 2:00pm Worlwide Council for Arab-British Understanding - Online discussion: Giving voice to Syria's disappeared
Jul 22 6:00pm Worldwide The Syria Campaign - Webinar - The search for Syria’s 100,000 detained
Jul 24 7:00pm UK DOCHOUSE Cinema - Ayouni online screening + Director's Q&A
Aug 1 5:30pm San Tomaso Di Majano Hospitale di San Giovanni
Aug 19 6:00pm FILMS FEELS CONNECTED: AYOUNI TALK with Yasmin Fedda & Waad Al-Kateab (World Humanitarian Day) Bird's Eye View - Reclaim The Frame
Aug 30 12:00am Italy - online (29 July - 30 August 2020) Middle East Now + Cinema La Compagnia
Oct 1 6:30pm London Genesis
Oct 11 8:30am Verona Cinema Teatro Nuovo San Michele
Oct 11 11:00am Florence Middle East Now Festival @ Cinema La Compagnia w/ live Q & A
Feb 17 6:00pm Document Human Rights Film Festival Glasgow
Mar 11 12:00am Arab Film Days https://www.arabiskefilmdager.no/en/film/2021/ayouni
Mar 19 12:00am RAI Film Festival https://festival.raifilm.org.uk/film/ayouni/
May 18 12:00am SHAKK & Ifpo Online
Jul 30 12:00pm Kosovo Lumbardhi
Sep 1 10:00am Oslo Babel filmklubb
Sep 10 6:00pm Copenhagen Huset Biograf
Sep 18 7:00pm Kuwait CAP Kuwait
Oct 2 7:30pm Föreningen Syrien Sverige online